Microblading Licensing Regulations By State

Microblading is regulated at the state level.  In some states, the counties can add more to the state's statue.  To comply with state and local regulations, you need to make sure to call and check with both state and county licensing bodies.

This page is not comprehensive.  I just put down what I know so far.  And please note that laws do change frequently, so what is correct today might not be tomorrow.  I also want to disclaim that I am not a lawyer.  What I write here hopefully is helpful to you.  Always consult your lawyer if you are in doubt.


Some interesting read on discussion about microblading in Alaska.  State laws require 380 hours of training.  They also allow licensure by reciprocity.  Read the regulations and application here.  In general, it's very strict to get licensed in Alaska, so try to get licensed and work in other states before you do it in Alaska, unless you find some apprentice shop in Alaska!


In the past, the state required a cosmetology license to practice microblading.  But that requirement has been dropped.  As of May 2017, you just need to take the blood-borne pathogens training to do microblading in the state.  If you own a salon or spa, you need to have the proper business license for you shop before you can do brows for your clients.


Colorado State has a set of minimum requirements (click here for more details).  Each county might add their own regulations to this set.  For Denver County, you need to apply for the Body Artist License. 


To be licensed as a Body Artist to do microblading in California, you need fill out an application, take the blood-borne pathogens training, take the Hepatitis B vaccination, and a photo ID to show you're at least 18 years old.

San Diego is a good example.  Here is the link to the county's Body Artist requirements.  Go to the bottom of the page and you will see "New Practitioner Checklist". 


You need to be licensed before you can do microblading in Minnesota.  Without a license, you might get a gross misdemeanor charge.  So get the licensing in place before you practice 3D microblading.

Here are the requirements:

      1. Five hours of bloodborne pathogen training
      2. Two hundreds hours of tattoo experience
      3. Must be 18 years or older
      4. And a few more items.  Read the laws here.
      5. You can do licensing by reciprocity, which is very promising!  You can get licensed in WA and work for iBrows Academy if you want to go this route!  So contact us to see if we can help you!


Nevada has very strict rules on microblading.  You need to work or apprentice in a tattoo shop for at least 6 months before you can apply for a license.  However, it looks like Nevada also allows you to transfer license from other states, and they might also count the work experience you have from other states.  Read here for more details.  If you need more guidance on this for Clark County, please email or give me a call because I can help you.

New Mexico:

If you live in New Mexico, it's tough to get a license to do microblading, but it's still doable if you try!  Click here to see the specific requirements.  I called their licensing department at 505-476-4622, and a lady there told me that the microblading license is under Permanent Makeup, so make sure you check that on the application.  You need at least 100 hours of training, notorized statement of current work experience on microblading, 10 original photographs of healed microbladed brows, current certificate on blood-borne pathogens training, photo ID, pass the New Mexico jurisprudence exam, a passport-quality picture, and of course a non-refundable fee!  If I read the regulations correctly, it's easier in New Mexico than in Clark County (i.e. Las Vegas) Nevada because you're not required to be apprenticed in a tatoo body shop.  As long as your training is more than 100 hours and/or your work experience is more than 100 hours, they will consider your application.


The state probably has the strictest laws about microblading.  You need to go to tattoo school for 360 hours of training.  They might count your experience in grating you a license, but you need to have at least 3 years of work experience.  Some people I know just either moved to Vancouver, WA, or rented some room across the border with Washington State and practiced microblading in WA. Some of my students have to be under a medical director (i.e. doctor) in order to do microblading in Bend, Oregon.  Read here for more details on Oregon's regulations.


To practice microblading in Washington, you need to pass the blood-borne pathogen training (click here).  After you pass the training, you need to print out the certificate.  You also need to download a form and fill it out.  Then you send in your completed form, the blood-borne pathogen training certificate, along with $250 check to Washington Department of Licensing.  Make sure you choose "Permanent Makeup Artist" on the form.  In couple of weeks, WA DOL will send you the license.

With the license in hands, you are strongly encouraged to buy liability insurace for yourself.  The shop where you work will also need to get a shop license from WA DOL (shop license is $300).

And that's all you need for WA state.