One-On-One, 6-Day Lesson @ Your Place:  $5,000

One-On-One, 6-Day Lesson @ Your Place: $5,000

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I can work with you at your shop or in your city.  You don't need to travel because I'll do the travel for you.

Day 1 - 3

I.  Introduction - The theory and some “history” of microblading (MCB)

II. The anatomy of the eyebrows and the skin – Using the skin model

III. Microblading – The art

IV. Face symmetry and brows measurement

V. Microblading techniques

VI. Introduction to microblading patterns

VII. Numbing process

VIII. Blading process

IX. Ombre & Shading techniques

X.  Demo on live model by David

End of day review

Day 4 - 6

I. Pigments

II. Factors that can affect the pigment retention

III. Technique practice on skin material

IV. Safety, Sanitation, and Sterilization

V. Client Consultation

VI. Live demonstration

VII. Work on live model (microblading, ombre/shading)

End of day review

Bring Your Own Kit

You need to bring your own microblading kit (latex, ink, blades, holder/pen) and machine.  I'll work with whatever tool you might have.

Non-refundable First Payment

The $1,000 you pay for this item is for the first payment.  The remaining amount of $4,000 is due at the first day of class.